What is BlueCart™?  

When looking at the market, it is clear that there are unmet needs and areas for improvement in existing telehealth carts. Existing products lack easy disinfection, are not adaptable to various patient environments, are expensive, rely on software that requires a separate purchase, and have low-quality cameras and audio systems. 

According to a research study conducted by Escalent in partnership with Logitech (which included patients and providers around the world), a staggering 82% of healthcare providers have encountered significant video quality challenges. Patients remarked that in order to have a positive telehealth experience, the video quality delivered by the healthcare provider (HCP) is a priority. Overall: 

  • 51% of providers were dissatisfied with their camera’s video zoom capabilities. 
  • 34% were not satisfied with their video resolution. 
  • 34% were dissatisfied with the ability to connect easily. 

BlueCart™ addresses all these problems and disrupts the market. It was developed over three years of provider and patient testing that resulted in a simplified and innovative solution.  

Patented Cleaning 

With BlueCart’s patented easy-to-clean camera enclosure, providers can efficiently disinfect the entire device and swiftly move on to the next room in less than a minute. This ensures thorough disinfection while optimizing time and productivity. 


BlueCart is adaptable for sitting, standing, and bed-ridden patients. Designed with an adjustable height feature, this telehealth cart effortlessly caters to the diverse needs of patients, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience. 


BlueCart’s software compatibility feature simplifies integration into any workplace with ease. The software seamlessly integrates with all clinical and video applications accessed by the client, ensuring compatibility without any issues. 

High Fidelity  

The advanced Ultra HD pan-tilt-zoom camera of the device enables precise diagnosis, while the high-quality audio fosters an enriched telehealth experience between patient and provider. Read more about the importance of audio and visual quality in telehealth here

BlueCart™: Benefits for Everyone 


BlueCart improves efficiency and productivity, allowing providers to see more patients in a shorter period. This allows for more patients per day, generating higher billing.  Studies have shown introducing telehealth to a facility also helps alleviate the burden on busy healthcare systems, reducing employee burnout. 


BlueCart brings the experts right to you, eliminating the need for travel and ensuring you receive the highest quality of care available. With access to a larger pool of providers, you have the freedom to choose someone who is the best fit for your needs. This also eliminates long wait times associated with traditional healthcare visits.  

“In particular, they (telehealth carts) are especially beneficial in rural areas or locations without access to high-demand specialists.” 1

Loved Ones 

BlueCart allows you to feel like you’re right there with your loved one with the use of a Ultra HD pan-tilt-zoom camera. Allowing for enhanced communication, your mind will be at ease. The innovative design of the BlueCart also allows for close-up monitoring, allowing you to easily check in on someone from afar.   

Insurance Companies 

BlueCart™ aids in timely, thorough patient visits, allowing physicians to see patients at a lower acuity and reducing unnecessary hospitalizations. This helps insurance companies save money and improve overall patient satisfaction.   


BlueCart drastically increases a facility’s marketability while also increasing revenue and patient satisfaction. BlueCart also helps reduce administrative costs, as providers can now handle more patients at their own location. The improved flexibility also increases employee morale and job satisfaction.  

Cost Savings 

Minimizing hospital readmissions and reducing the necessity for in-person consultations not only saves valuable time and resources but also brings about substantial cost savings. The use of telehealth services for follow-up visits and routine checkups can also help reduce overall healthcare costs. With BlueCart, providers are able to treat more patients in less time, allowing them to serve more people with limited resources.  


Telehealth has become a crucial component of healthcare delivery worldwide. With its convenience and accessibility, it has become an essential tool for healthcare providers seeking to provide top-quality care to their patients. BlueCart’s ease of use, software compatibility, and virtual care features make it an ideal choice for healthcare providers and patients alike. By providing convenience, efficiency, and improved telehealth experiences, BlueCart is changing the way healthcare services are delivered, empowering patients and physicians alike.  

Embrace the Future of Healthcare with AURA Technologies LLC. Learn more about our solution here. 


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